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Welcome to the future of cat care!

As an online vet service, we understand the challenges that cat hotels face when caring for their feline guests. Health issues, behavioral problems, and emergencies can all put a strain on staff and resources in the hotel. It makes it difficult to provide the level of care that these furry friends deserve. Not to even mention that moving a cat to a vet clinic might be a stressful situation for the cat and staff.

We’d love to help you! Our online vet service provides remote consultations and advice from experienced veterinarians, giving cat hotels access to quality support without having to transport cats to a veterinary clinic. Our Cat Hotel Affiliate Program will give you a free 20-minute consultation with a licensed Cooper Pet Care Veterinarian. No strings attached.

Here’s how Cooper Pet Care can help

Health Issues: Our licensed vets are ready to help you with expert advice on managing health issues in cats, including minor and serious conditions. They can provide guidance on ongoing care, medication and making sure that the cats receive the best possible care while they stay at the hotel.

Behavioral Problems: Is a cat not adapting well? Are they anxious or aggressive? With the help of our experienced veterinarians, cat hotel staff can better understand these issues and know how to keep cats comfortable and happy.

All that can be done without ever having to leave the cat hotel!

What we can do for you

As veterinarians, we also know that costs can be high in a cat hotel. Therefore, we would like to offer you a substantial discount for using our veterinarians. Of course, it is always possible to claim these expenses back from your customers.

It is also possible to participate in our affiliate program! For every referral using your code, you will receive €20.00 commission per booked consultation. Win-win!

With our online vet service, cat hotels can improve the quality of care they provide to their feline guests, while also saving time and money. Join the future of cat care today!