We are Cooper

Onze missie:

Onze huisdieren een gezonder en fijner leven geven door hun ouders een eenvoudige oplossing te bieden voor de gezondheid van je huisdier

The Cooper Story

We’re Michael and Pavel and we are both huge dog lovers. Michael has a 3 year old boston terrier named Steven and Pavel has a one year old black labrador called Max.


One night I noticed that my dog Steven got swollen and had multiple red marks all over his skin. It turned out to be a very aggressive allergic reaction that developed very quickly. For boston terriers and other brachycephalic dogs such reactions can be in fact fatal. Without a second thought I rushed Steven to emergency. And although it turned out to be an allergy that took 5 minutes and 1 pill to treat, I ended up with a 500 EUR bill. That’s when I decided to get him health insurance. But as I researched available pet insurance options I was shocked by how complicated and outdated those insurances are. Policies are complicated and processes are non transparent. I quickly realized that pet insurance shouldn’t be like that. Being entrepreneur by the nature I decided to change that.


I enjoy walking to a dog park with Max every day. Max is super friendly and loves playing with his furry friends. One day, a new dog came to the park and Max’s friend got into a fight and ended up with a few deep scratches. The dog had to be taken to a vet clinic and the owner received a significant bill for medical treatment. Unfortunately, they didn’t have pet health insurance and had to pay out of their own pocket. When we all got together in the park the next day this story came out and after a discussion we realized that only one dog owner had pet health insurance. Everyone wanted to get one as well. But when I took out my mobile phone to purchase the same insurance product at the spot, I realized it was not easy to do: the insurance company was asking all kind of questions: from the microchip number to a land phone number, worse their site was not optimized for mobile experience and my eyes were popping out by looking at such a small text.
After additional research we realized that current insurance products are far from being great. They come with inflexible policies, non-transparent claims, terrible user experience and are focused on a desktop user, and none of the products come with membership perks!

That’s why we decided to create Cooper Pet Care: a pet healthcare platform for pet parents of today. Cooper comes with simple and flexible policies, transparent claims, mobile-first UX, 24/7 online vet support and other perks. Everything in one simple to use app.

It’s very easy to get started: you sign up for Cooper and answer a few questions about your pet. You immediately see your monthly quote, choose payment method and pay. That’s it - your pup is covered! Simple, transparent and 100% digital.