Pet Calculators

Cooper Pet Care has created the following pet calculators as a fun activity to learn more about you and your pet. From dog and cat age to pregnancy and weight management, these pet calculators offer you some fun facts and a few important insights to your pets’ health.

Dog Age Calculator

Find out what your dog’s age is in human years and see if they’re a puppy, an adult, or a senior.

Cat Age Calculator

Find out what your feline’s age is in human years. Are they a kitten, an adult, or a senior?

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Is your furry lady friend pregnant? Calculate her approximate due date and be prepared!

Cat Pregnancy Calculator

Have you got a pregnant feline in your household? Learn when she is giving birth and make the right preparations on time.

Dog BMI Calculator

Curious to know whether your dog is overweight or underweight? Note down their breed, weight, and height and find out!

Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

This calculator is meant to give you a rough, ballpark estimate of your pet’s daily (per 24 hours) caloric needs.

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

This calculator is intended to give a rough estimate of the toxicity level of accidental chocolate ingestion. 

Pet Food Checker

What food is toxic to your dog or cat? What fruits or vegetables can they eat? With our pet food checker, we’ll tell you right away!