Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

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General Notes

  • Very important – This calculator is intended to give a rough estimate of the toxicity level of accidental chocolate ingestion. However, individual animals can vary in their susceptibility to any toxin. Never use the results of a calculator as a replacement for veterinary attention, and always monitor your dog. If you are at all worried about the quantity ingested, the safest option is always to speak to a veterinarian.
  • Methylxanthines (caffeine and theobromine) are the substances in chocolate which are toxic to dogs.
  • The more cocoa there is in the chocolate (in other words, the darker it is) – the more dangerous it is! For example, white chocolate contains no methylxanthines, and is not toxic. Unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder contain the highest amounts of methylxanthines, and so are the most toxic.
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How to Use This Calculator

  • Input the approximate weight (in kilograms) of your dog.
  • Input the approximate amount (in grams) of chocolate ingested. If your dog ate chocolate from a package, you can use this to estimate the amount. For example, if your dog ate half of a 100g bar of chocolate, then it ate 50g of chocolate. Keep in mind that many chocolate bars contain things other than chocolate, such as caramel and nuts. Due to this, the total amount of chocolate ingested might be less than the total weight.
  • Finally, input the type of chocolate ingested. Again, ideally you can use the packaging to find out what kind of chocolate it is. Many standard chocolate candies (such as Easter eggs) are made with milk chocolate – which has a comparatively low cocoa level.
  • If you use the calculator and get anything other than the “Likely no clinical signs” result, then the safest option is to call and speak to a veterinarian for advice.