Why Cooper Pet Care?

Cooper Pet Care is simple to understand and easy to use. With Cooper Pet Care you get:
– Free symptom checker
– Video calls with certified vets
– Honest and transparent pet insurance
We’re working hard on other perks and partnerships that are going to be available for our clients very soon.

How does pet insurance work?

Dog or cat insurance can literally be a lifesaver if your pet becomes ill or injured. Instead of being forced to make a difficult decision because you can’t afford treatment, the pet insurance company will cover some or all of the cost. Simply pay the veterinary bill, then notify your insurance agency so that you can be reimbursed. To better understand how pet insurance works, you need to become familiar with its terms.

Is it worth it to get pet insurance?

This common question can be answered by discussing the benefits of pet insurance.
– Pet insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if your pet ever requires treatment the cost will be covered by your insurance plan.
– Pet insurance is a small investment compared to the cost of a life-saving veterinary procedure. It saves your bank account from being wiped out.
– It’s more reliable than a savings account. Yes, you could put money into a savings account every month rather than pay your insurance premium. But can you really trust yourself to leave that money untouched?

How much does pet insurance cost?

Cat or dog insurance is paid for each month. This payment is called a monthly premium, and the amount paid varies from one situation to the next.
Several different factors affect the cost of your insurance plan. Those factors include:
– The type of pet you have
– Your pet’s breed
– Your pet’s age
– Where you live
– Your plan’s deductible and reimbursement level
– Your plan’s annual payout limit