Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Estimate when your dog is due to give birth by entering the date of the first mating below and stay prepared for additions of new puppies to your family.

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How the Dog Pregnancy Calculator Works

Gestation in dogs usually lasts for about 63 days which equates to approximately two months. However, the period is not always fixed. It can vary from 58 to 68 days. The dog pregnancy calculator uses the formula below:

Mating date + 63 days = Due date

Don’t know the mating date?

For a better estimate, ask your veterinarian. They can determine the gestational age and the dog’s due date by performing a simple and painless ultrasound check. In addition to this, your vet may check your dog’s level of relaxin which is a hormone that is produced exclusively during the pregnancy period.

Moreover, if the gestational process is further along, you can get a professional to perform an X-ray. That’s when you will be able to see the skeletal systems of the puppies. Avoid getting an X-ray for your dog at the beginning of the pregnancy, since the puppies won’t be visible due to the low level of ossification.

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How Do I Know that My Dog is Pregnant?

Ideally, you can confirm a dog’s pregnancy through a professional. If you know the mating date, check with your vet 28 days after breeding. They will perform a palpation test to confirm that your dog is pregnant. Alternatively, you can first look for signs in your dog yourself that include:

  • Increased appetite
  • Increased weight 
  • Increased nipple size
  • Swollen belly
  • Exhaustion
  • Nesting behavior (more affectionate)
  • Irritability 

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