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Have you ever wondered whether it was OK for your dog to eat a banana? Or whether strawberries were healthy for your cat? Of course we’re all aware of chocolate being toxic to dogs but there are other foods that aren’t healthy for your pets to consume.

We’ve now made that process a whole lot simpler for you! By using our Pet Food Checker, you can select your dog or cat, and type in the food you’d like to give them. Our Pet Food Checker will then tell you whether this is safe to feed your beloved pet. Neat, right? Try it out!

What Food Can I Check for My Pet?

There’s all kinds!

You can check vegetables, like:

Or you can check whether your dog or cat can eat certain fruits:

But if you want to know whether your cat or dog can eat dairy or animal products, we’ve got you. You could ask our calculator whether your cat or dog can eat:

Can cats eat tuna? And can dogs eat fish? These are some examples of meat types you can fill out for your beloved pet:

Cat insurance from From Dog insurance from Coverage Contribution Own risk
petsecur logo €8.46 €12.11 €3.250 — €6.000 10% — 50% €0 — €150
per year
ohra logo €14.05 €17.77 €3.000 — €6.000 20% €30 — €50
per year
figopet logo €12.16 €17.42 €3.000 — €5.000 20% — 50% €0 — €250
per year
InShared logo €13.27 €20,14 €3.000 — €6.000 20% none View
Unive logo €13.86 €14.67 €2.500 — €5.000 20% none View
aegon logo €10.56 €13.14 €3.500 25% €25
per claim

And sometimes you just want to share your own food with your dog or cat.

These are just some of the examples of what human food you check for your cat or dog. Have at it!