Can Cats Eat Rice? Is it Healthy?

cat eating rice on the floor

One of the most popular and healthy cereal grains for humans is rice. But is it equally nutritious for cats? Can cats eat rice? Rice is found in cat food brands as a filler, but can you also feed it to them plain? How about brown rice? If you want to learn more about cats eating rice and how to safely feed them, this article is for you.

Find out what you need to know about cats eating rice by reading further.

Can Cats Eat Rice?

Cats can eat rice safely. It is not toxic to cats, but it isn’t a necessary addition to their diet. Thus, if your cat is already fed all the necessary nutrients found in their cat food, they won’t obtain any nutritional benefits from consuming rice. In fact, certain cat food brands already include cooked rice as a harmless filler.

Are there Benefits to Cats Eating Rice?

Rice can be a helpful means of better digestion for your feline baby if they experience digestive issues. If your feline baby experiences any issues (symptoms such as diarrhea and stomach upset) consult your vet. Chances are, your vet may recommend giving a bit of rice to your cat, as it is a bland, easily digestible food source.

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Can Cats Eat Brown Rice?

Cats can digest brown rice as an occasional treat. Brown rice is rich in fiber, and that helps with constipation in addition to digestive issues. However, be sure that you have cooked it well before you serve it to your cat.

How do I Safely Feed Rice to my Cat?

Cats can safely eat rice as long as it is in small and infrequent doses. Moreover, you must always cook the rice that you will give to them properly. Uncooked rice is hard to digest. This can cause an upset stomach, bloating, and gas. It can also induce diarrhea and vomiting due to the natural pesticide (lectin) that uncooked rice contains.

Furthermore, make sure it is served plain. For any human food that is safe to eat for cats such as rice and chicken, you must always serve it unsalted, unflavored and thus, completely plain. Avoid any additional flavors, spices, and herbs that can be very harmful and even toxic to your feline baby.

Important: Do not give rice to a kitten without your vet’s consultation. Rice can negatively affect young cats’ development.

Final Words

Rice is safe for cats as long as you cook it properly without adding any seasoning, salt, and other additives. Make sure that you do not feed them rice frequently. Always ask your vet for any questions you may have. Finally, note that cats can be sensitive to eating new things. Do not expect them to eat rice just because you serve it to them. Also, make sure that avoid giving rice to kittens. Keep your cat healthy as well as safe!

Now you’re up to date on your cat eating rice! Still got questions? Then book a video consultation with one of our qualified veterinarians to get advice on your pet questions within minutes.

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