Can Dogs Eat Olives? Are they Good for Them?

Mogen honden olijven?

Olives provide a lot of nutrition to humans. But do they have the same effect on dogs? If you are wondering whether dogs can eat olives because you either already fed them or you are thinking of feeding some to them, you may rest easy. Dogs can eat olives, as long as it is in moderation.

Read further to find out about dogs eating olives and why small portions are important.

Nutrition in Olives

There are two types of olives: green and black olives. Green olives are picked from the tree before they are ripe. Black olives, on the other hand, are left a while longer to ripen on the tree before getting picked. Olives are extremely bitter by default, and they are not to be consumed raw.

Olives are a very popular ingredient for the healthy, Mediterranean diet. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and good fats. These nutrients offer plenty of benefits to humans. Studies show that olives protect humans against osteoporosis and cancer while they are also good for the heart. But what about dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Olives would be a redundant insertion to a dog’s already complete and balanced diet. If you already feed your dog a sufficient amount of dog food and occasionally offer them healthy treats such as carrots, olives are simply not necessary. Dogs are not in need of any of their added nutrients.

Moreover, due to the fact that olives contain healthy fats and proteins, they may also be deemed as unnecessary calories for your dog. This is where moderation is important.

Important: Olives for your dog must always be plain and unsalted!

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Olives Risks

Plain olives are not harmful to dogs, but there are certain components that you must watch out for whenever you feed them to your dog:

  • Olive pits: Pits are extremely dangerous and could lead to choking in dogs. They can also block airways and crack their teeth.
  • Additives: When olives are coated in seasonings, garlic, or oils, you increase the risk of feeding toxic food to your furry baby. Avoid olives with too much salt, as this can be harmful as well.
  • Overconsumption: Eating too many can be dangerous for dogs, especially if they contain pits. It is best to contact your vet about this.

Can Dogs Eat Olive Oil?

Dogs can also eat olive oil, but the key is, once again, moderation.

You may add extra virgin olive oil into your canine’s diet by drizzling some of it over their food. Extra virgin olive oil is the best as it has low acidity. You may also use it as an ingredient for homemade dog treats. Do not serve your dog any salad that is soaked in oil. Limit servings to one teaspoon per day or ask your vet about the portion based on your dog’s size.

Final Words

While olives can be healthy to dogs, they are not a necessary addition to their diet. Consider other healthy fruits such as apples or blueberries. It is easier to avoid any risks by simply refraining from feeding them olives. Remember to avoid overfeeding them and always consult your vet for any inquiries.

Do you still have any questions about feeding your dog olives? Then schedule a video consultation with one of our qualified vets! 

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