Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Planning a treat for your dogs? Well, bananas are always a good source for it. But where plenty of experts say that giving bananas to your dogs is healthy and beneficial, some suggest not to do so.

So, what is the basis of all that, and what should you actually do? 

Let’s dig in deeper to find out the answer! 

Are Bananas Safe for Dogs? 

Now, that’s our real question here. When it comes to eating bananas, Sure, your pups totally deserve treats like all others! But are bananas safe enough to keep feeding them? Usually, they are. But you might be aware of the potassium and sugar levels a banana has. 

Now, they are not dangerous or unhealthy for your dogs but only until you give them in the right amount. 

Benefits of Eating Bananas

As mentioned earlier, bananas are no danger to your pooch if fed in the right amounts. That being said, there are multiple benefits of bananas, too. Bananas contain various kinds of vitamins and essential nutrients that are highly beneficial for a dogs’ skin, claws, and immune systems. 

Some other advantages of giving bananas to your dog can be:

  • Vitamin B6 and potassium helps in maintaining your pup’s blood pressure. 
  • Bananas also result in stronger muscles and body because of the presence of magnesium content in them. 
  • Enhancing the dogs’ bone strength by balancing the calcium in their body is another benefit of giving bananas to them. 
  • Eating bananas can also result in improved brain function, a sharp mind, and a better immune system of your furry friend.  
  • Your dog might face digestive disorders and problems. Well, not anymore if treated right with bananas. 

When are Bananas NOT Safe for Dogs? 

Like all other foods, giving bananas in excessive amounts to your dog will never be safe. You must maintain proper diet plans or at least track the amount of banana your paw pal has been eating. If it exceeds the normal amounts, your dog’s health can be in serious danger. 

Excessive intake of bananas can turn all of the benefits, as mentioned earlier, into damages within no time. For instance, bananas can help your pup maintain the digestive system in order. But, excessive intake can result in upsetting the stomach and may also cause diarrhea. In some cases, it can be constipation, too. 

So, going overboard with giving bananas to your dog is when they aren’t going to be beneficial at all. If you don’t know what amount is the right amount to feed your pet, it is better to consult the veterinarian rather than experimenting yourself. 

Final Words

The food you give your pets today is going to define their health tomorrow. So, you better be a lot careful in that case. Dogs belong to different breeds and are of different ages and types. This makes it impossible to implement a single diet chart for all of them. Thus, if you are looking for the right things in the right amount for your fur baby, make sure to do it with the help of an expert. 

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