Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

Do you want your dog to enjoy the mesmerizing flavor of strawberries as you do? But before doing so, you must know if they are safe for their health or not. Otherwise, you might end up making your pup ill. What fruit is healthy or unhealthy for dogs usually depends upon their breed and type. 

But overall, giving strawberries to your dog is a big YES. But always remember, in some cases, strawberries can be dangerous to your pooch’s health too, if not given in the right amounts and ways. 

Advantages of Giving Strawberries to Your Dog

There are certain advantages and benefits of giving strawberries to your fur baby. Being a fruit, it has fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acids and vitamins which are all beneficial to your dog’s health. Additionally, it tastes great!

Harms of ‘Too Much Strawberry’

No doubt strawberries are healthy and beneficial in many ways. But excess of anything is always a bad thing. The same goes for giving strawberries to your dog. Like a lot of other fruits, they also contain high amounts of sugar. Just like for humans, too much sugar can be unhealthy.

How Much Strawberry is ‘Too Much’?

First of all, remember that we are only talking about giving fresh strawberries to your pup. If you think of giving canned strawberries or sweet dishes made up of it, you might want to reconsider. You may also consult your veterinarian to ensure this fact. 

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Coming back to our question, a few strawberries in a whole day is okay. If you let your dog keep eating this fruit the entire day, it would certainly be ‘Too Much’ for a pet. Even if your best-friend wants more and likes its taste, you have to keep the amounts in moderation. 

How to Serve Strawberries to Your Pup?

Everyone’s dog is different and likes to be served differently. If your junior friend likes the food to be cut or mashed into smaller pieces, you should do that. However, if he likes to chew the whole strawberry at once then go ahead (although for a smaller dog it still might be better to cut it up).

Final Words

Giving treats to your homie is never a bad option if you make sure it doesn’t hurt or make your dog sick. So, keep giving delicious strawberries to your dogs and let them enjoy the fascinating flavors. 

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