Animal Emergency Contacts in the Netherlands

Emergencies can strike at any time, and finding the right contacts is not always easy. We have compiled a list of useful emergency contacts, including 24/7 animal emergency centers in all major cities in the Netherlands.

National Animal Ambulance Service (Netherlands)

While most major cities and regions have their own animal ambulance service, there is also a national one. It is always good to have this number on hand if you need to get your pet to a hospital quickly and you cannot do it yourself.

Poisoning hotlines

These hotlines were set up for human use – however they give advice for pets as well.

  • Nationaal Vergiftigingen Informatie Centrum (Netherlands)
    Please note: if you suspect poisoning, they advise you to please contact your vet first. The telephone number is only available for healthcare professionals.
  • Antigifcentrum (Belgium)

24/7 Emergency Centers and Local Ambulances



The Hague





  • There isn’t 1 specific emergency vet, but many that do rotating on-call shifts
    • These numbers will have an answering machine with information on where to call:
    • 050 526 32 55 – or – 050 318 1418
  • Animal ambulance Groningen: 050 579 1900








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