Can Cats Eat Grapes? Here’s What You Should Know!


Grapes are commonly known as a potentially toxic human foods for dogs. But does that apply to cats? Can cats eat grapes? Is it safe to feed them? Grapes are not appealing to cats. Chances are, they won’t seek them out unless you offer them to them because they trust you. However, if a cat is picky about their snacks, maybe it’s best to listen to them.

This article is here to answer your questions regarding cats eating grapes. Read below and find out!

Can Cats Eat Grapes?

The short answer is: no! According to the MSD Manual, raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure in some dogs. Technically, grape toxicity in cats has yet to be determined due to lack of research. However, the alarming toxicity of grapes in dogs is enough anecdotal evidence for you to simply avoid giving grapes or raisins to cats.

Signs of Grape Toxicosis in Pets

Signs of grape toxicosis have not been documented in cats. However, it is very likely that some of the signs documented for dogs may be similar for cats. It is important to familiarize yourself with the toxicity of grapes in dogs in order to understand why it is not worth the risk for cats to eat grapes.

Signs of toxicosis from eating grapes in cats include:

In certain cases, the kidneys shut down and stop producing urine. Some dogs that reach this point don’t survive. Hence, it is no surprise why pet parents of felines are so hesitant to give raisins and grapes to their cats. They are already far too dangerous to dogs.

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Kidney Disease in Cats

One of the biggest concerns about giving grapes to pets is the side effects on their kidneys. Kidney disease in pets and specifically, cats is extremely severe. Below are a few symptoms of kidney disease in cats:

  • low energy
  • loss of appetite
  • extreme thirst
  • weight loss
  • frequent urination
  • thinning fur
  • mouth ulcers
  • vomiting

What to Do if your Cat Eats Grapes

Remember that cats do not actively seek out grapes. Unless you try feeding them, they won’t eat them. However, in some rare cases, curious felines may steal a grape or two from our bowl without you noticing. If you suspect that your cat ate grapes, call your veterinarian immediately. Do not wait for any signs before contacting the vet.

Final Words

We often feed our pets a variety of human food as snacks or treats – and most of the time this is fine. It is important to weigh the risks and dangers regardless of their nutritional value. Grapes are not recommended. Do not feed any grapes to your cat. If you accidentally feed them any grapes, call your vet right away and prevent the development of kidney disease. Meanwhile, consider other human food options to give to your feline baby such as bananas.

Do you still have any questions about your cat eating grapes? Then schedule a video consultation with one of our qualified vets! 

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