Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

Do cats have belly buttons?

It’s a question that has crossed the mind of every cat parent at least once: “Do cats have belly buttons?” At a casual glance, our feline friends appear to lack this hallmark of mammalian birth. But do they really?

What Is A Belly Button?

A belly button, or navel, is the scar left after the umbilical cord is detached post-birth. This cord plays a pivotal role during gestation, connecting the fetus to the mother’s placenta, enabling the transfer of vital nutrients, oxygen, and waste. In the context of cats, during their pregnancy, which typically lasts about 64-67 days, the mother cat (or queen) nurtures her kittens in utero through this umbilical connection. Once born, this link is severed, and the kittens are left with a belly button, much like humans.

We have a handy cat pregnancy calculator if you got a pregnant feline in your household.

Where Is My Cat’s Belly Button?

Yes, cats do have belly buttons! However, finding it can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re used to the more pronounced navels of humans.

  • Cats’ belly buttons are subtle, flat, and can blend seamlessly with their fur.
  • They may appear as a slight indentation or a small, flat scar.
  • The belly button is typically located in the middle of the belly, between the end of the ribcage and the start of the hind legs.
  • For those with long-haired cats, you may need to sift through some fur to get a glimpse of it.
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Are Cats Belly Buttons Similar To Humans?

In essence, yes, cats’ belly buttons serve the same purpose as humans’, which is to mark the spot where the umbilical cord once attached them to their mother’s placenta. However, there are some differences to note:

  • Shape and Size: Unlike the innies and outies we see in humans, cat belly buttons are flat. They don’t protrude or indent significantly.
  • Visibility: Human navels are more prominent and noticeable due to our lack of fur and the stretching of the abdominal skin. In contrast, the feline navel is subtle, often camouflaged by fur.
  • Function: In humans, especially in cultures around the world, the navel can have cultural, aesthetic, or symbolic significance. For cats, it’s just a mark left behind from birth.

What Does A Kitten Belly Button Look Like?

If you’ve ever had the chance to observe newborn kittens, you may have noticed a tiny bump or cord stub on their bellies. This is the remnants of the umbilical cord.

  • For the first few days after birth, you might spot the dried-up umbilical cord attached to the kitten’s belly.
  • As days pass, this cord naturally dries up and falls off.
  • Once it’s gone, all that remains is a small, flat scar – the kitten’s belly button.

Is It Okay To Touch A Cat’s Belly?

Cats are known for their particular preferences when it comes to petting. While some cats might enjoy belly rubs, others might find it intrusive or even threatening.

  • The belly is a vulnerable area for many animals, cats included. Touching it might make them feel exposed or at risk.
  • Always be observant of your cat’s body language. If they seem comfortable and roll over, showing their belly, they might be inviting a gentle rub.
  • However, if they tense up, twitch their tail, or display other signs of discomfort, it’s best to avoid touching the area.
  • Always approach with caution and gentleness, ensuring you have established trust with your feline friend.


In the fascinating world of feline anatomy, the belly button might seem like a small detail. However, it serves as a gentle reminder of the bond a kitten once shared with its mother. So, the next time you’re lounging with your furry friend, spare a thought (or a gentle pat) for that elusive navel, a mark of the beginning of their life’s journey.

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