Every pet deserves the best food

And every owner deserves the reassurance that they can call a veterinarian anytime, anywhere with any health question they might have. That’s how we ensure our pet’s long and happy lives!

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European pet parents are prepared to pay more sustainable and safe food for their pets and only want the very best for their hairy family members, according to Fortune Business Insights.”

Meet all your customers’ needs

Whether pet parents are looking for the best hypoallergenic food for their dog or would like advice on their cats’ allergies, you can meet their needs. Offer them the full service when it comes to their pet’s life cycle.

Approved by veterinarians

By connecting your brand to Cooper Pet Care, you will be supported by a team of certified vets.

Customized food

Depending on what a pet needs, our veterinarians may recommend your brand if it fits the pet's needs.

Unburden your customer service team

Sometimes owners have questions about ingredients or health concerns about their pet that your customer service team can't figure out. In that case, you can refer your customers to Cooper Pet Care so that a veterinarian can have a look and advise them on what to do.

Your brand displayed directly on our website

We like to display your brand on our website so customers can easily order the best food for their pets.

Did you know that about 20% of all health concerns that we hear about are related to gastrointestinal problems? The right nutrition can reduce these complaints, and that's where your brand can jump in!
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Why do pet parents use Cooper Pet Care?

1. A vet with you at any time, any place

Pet parents gain instant access to qualified veterinarians from any device.

2. Wide range of topics

Ask our vets for advice on anything from general health, behavior, nutrition, and much more! Whether it’s a nagging itch, bout of diarrhea, or strange action - we’ve seen it all and are happy to help!”

3. Preventing future problems

Is your pet acting strange? Our vets offer instance advice on whatever the issue may be. Act sooner and prevent bigger problems down the line.

4. Second opinions

Still don’t quite know what to do after a veterinary visit? Get that extra reassurance with expert advice from our qualified vets.

Curious on how we can work together?

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