Winter Cat Clothes: What You Should Know

cat in red sweater

‘Tis the season to get warm and get our feral babies dressed appropriately for the weather! When are winter cat clothes suitable for your cat? Do all cats need winter clothes, to begin with? Learn more about dressing up your cat during the winter.

Do Cats Need Clothes in Winter?

Winter cat clothes are mostly necessary when cats go outside for an extended period of time. Cats do not need winter clothing such as coats when they are inside the warmth of the house. In addition, winter cat clothes may be more necessary to thin-coated felines than thick-coated cats since they cannot maintain enough body heat to keep warm. However, cats are generally self-sufficient and only require little to no clothing.

How Do I Know that it is Too Cold for a Cat?

Many factors affect how cold your cat is. Find below what to look out for:

  • Their age: the older they are the more layers they may need to regulate their body temperature.
  • Their weight: Thin or underweight cats are more prone to the cold.
  • Their body hair: Hairs help keep in body heat, so the hairier they are, the less cold they will feel.
  • Their overall health: Illnesses tend to affect a cat’s body heat.

To keep your cat warm, a light sweater can help them maintain body heat while they stay inside the house.

Furthermore, you may look for signs that point to the fact that your cat is cold:

  • They are shivering.
  • They feel cold to the touch.
  • They won’t get off of you or leave their spot.
  • They are lethargic (this may however be a sign for health issues).
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Is it Cruel to Put Clothes on Cats?

It isn’t necessarily cruel to dress up your feline, especially when you have a good reason to do so. However, it is essential to watch out for the material and comfort of the clothing as your cat may be prone to an allergic reaction because of it. If you aren’t sure about the material, consult your vet for good recommendations.

Alternatively, consider what else to do instead of dressing them up in winter cat clothes:

  • Replacing a normal cat bed for one that is insulated and cozy.
  • Avoid strolls during the winter.
  • Keep a consistent temperature inside the house.
  • Do not allow them to play outside for too long.

Final Words

Winter cat clothes may look cute on your feline baby, but comfort and health must always come before fashion!

Still looking for answers? Schedule an instant video consultation with our qualified veterinarians and get tailored advice from the comfort of your home – today. Ask us what type of winter cat clothes are suitable for your feline now.

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