5 Reasons to Consider Animal Shelter Pet Adoption

animal shelter pet adoption

Thinking of becoming a pet parent? Why not adopt a shelter dog? Maybe a shelter cat? Animal shelter pet adoption should be every future pet parent’s first choice when they seek to bring a furry baby into their home.

Why Animal Shelter Pet Adoption?

There are a few advantages to adopting pets from shelters that might be straightforward. However, there are some that are not as often talked about. Pet parents should know all the reasons why animal shelter pet adoption is so beneficial. They not only benefit them, but they benefit rescued animals, and the shelters that accommodate them, as well.

Save Lives

Adopting a dog from a shelter, for instance, does not only save that dog’s life, but it helps rescue another. First, you give a home, love, and care to one furry baby. Then, you leave the spot open for another animal that has been abandoned to be taken in and rescued by the shelter. Animal shelter pet adoption is a collaborative effort between shelters and pet parents to rescue and care for abandoned animals.

Pay Less for High Quality

Animal shelter pet adoption is always much cheaper than buying from a pet store or a breeder. Moreover, animals from most shelters are castrated or spayed, as well as vaccinated. In addition, certain shelters and rescue centers have both purebred animals and mixed-breed pets. Mixed-breeds are more highly recommendable as they aren’t prone to genetic problems are purebreds. They also cost less overall.

Get a Support System

Rescue groups and shelters provide support for new pet parents. Pet stores and breeders do not. If you are a new pet parent who doesn’t know how to care for their newfound baby, you will need all the help and guidance you need. Most shelters and rescue centers can provide that to you. They make sure that the adopted animals are in good hands by checking in with you and offering you help with whatever you might need.

Remember to take your new baby to the vet right for an examination and take out pet insurance after you adopt them!

Stand Against Puppy & Kitten Mills

Animal shelter pet adoption (specifically for puppies and kittens) actively fights against puppy and kitten mills. Puppy and kitten mills are money-driven breeding facilities that care more about selling animals than they do about their welfare. These animals are raised in bad conditions with poor medical care and deprived of human interaction and companionship. As a result, they have bad behavior and health problems. They are sold to unsuspecting customers in pet stores, on the Internet, and in advertisements found in newspapers. With animal shelter pet adoption, you never have to worry about supporting such inhumane factories.

Receive Unconditional Love

Adopting animals in general grants you the unconditional love that any pet parent needs. They are scientifically proven to be beneficial to pet parents on a psychological, emotional, and physical level. Generally, pets improve your health.

In Conclusion

Adopting a furry baby is always a better choice for pet parents, especially when they are new and need proper guidance. Animal shelter pet adoption ensures that you are taking home a healthy, loveable, intelligent baby. Meanwhile, you assist these rescue centers to continue their noble work and care for animals in need.

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