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Carlijn Duthler

Carlijn, originally from the Netherlands and a devoted animal lover with a special affection for dogs, is making significant strides as an intern at Cooper Pet Care. Alongside her studies in Communication and Media Design, she brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and heartfelt passion for animals to her professional role.

At Cooper Pet Care, Carlijn is not only involved in crafting engaging and informative content but also plays a pivotal role in translating this content into Dutch, thereby extending its reach to a broader audience. Her tasks include writing blog posts, creating informative articles, producing newsletters, and managing social media content, all focused on providing practical advice and the latest updates in pet care for pet parents. Furthermore, Carlijn is instrumental in overseeing the company’s content calendar, ensuring that pet parents consistently receive relevant and insightful information.

Her blend of academic expertise, a deep-rooted love for animals, and personal experiences as a dog owner, combined with her language skills, enable Carlijn to make a meaningful contribution to the pet care industry. Her work not only educates and supports pet parents but also bridges linguistic gaps, ensuring that Dutch-speaking pet lovers have access to valuable pet care information.

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