Written by Iris van Roode

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Iris van Roode

Iris is a passionate animal lover living in The Netherlands. She grew up in a household that has always had lots of pets throughout the years such as guinea pigs, dogs, cats, parakeets and hamsters. This sparked her passion for animals and animal care.

She is currently working at Cooper Pet Care as a content manager. In this role she is responsible for managing & creating blogs, social media, newsletters and translations with a focus on providing information for pet owners about their pets. She’s also responsible for adjusting the content calender, monitoring all social media, and providing insights through market research.

As an employee at Cooper Pet Care she’s dedicated to her work, and with her creativity and expertise she hopes to make an impact on the pet care industry. There’s nothing like seeing pet owners have a wholesome relationship with their pet, and Iris hopes to contribute to this vision.