Written by Marie-Claire Buyck

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Marie-Claire Buyck

I’m Marie-Claire, a vet for cats and dogs with 3 years experience in both Belgium and the Netherlands. I know how stressful it can be if you are worrying about your pet, so let’s solve that problem together. It’s a pleasure for me to help you with your loved one!

How to Recognize Dementia in Dogs

For dog owners, there are few things more upsetting than watching their pet’s cognitive skills decline. It’s typically a sign of old age and a stark reminder that we are often going to outlive our best friends.

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Why Does My Dog Eat Their Poop? And How Do I Stop It

Whether your dog is a severe poop eater or a one-time offender, you should address this issue before it escalates. This blog outlines everything you need to know about why dogs eat poop, how to stop a dog from eating poop, and more.

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