The behavior of your dog or cat can be hard to predict and we’ve all wondered at some point: why do they do that? Our veterinarians are happy to dive into your pets’ behavior!

Can Cats and Dogs Get Along?

Are you a pet parent to two different species and worry if they can be good together? The old saying of “fighting like cats and dogs” is not false. But it doesn’t mean it’s always true. So, how can cats and dogs get along? The key is patience. And lots of training.

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Can Cats See in the Dark? Let’s Find Out!

It is often believed that cats can see in the dark. This might originate from their own mythology. But can cats really see in the dark? Let’s find out by looking more closely at how cats see and to what extent they do actually see in the dark!

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Do Cats Like Humans? Yes, With Some Conditions!

If you find yourself doubting whether or not your feline baby likes you, it’s because cats are notoriously known for being picky with people. The real question you should be asking is, why do cats like humans? Once you know the secret to their heart, you will never have to doubt your parenting skills ever again!

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