Best Service Dog Breeds for Epilepsy

best service dog breeds for seizures

Service dogs for epilepsy, also known as seizure dogs, are service animals trained to either warn their owner in the event of them having an episode or assist them during it. These types of animals are well-trained and provided by the government should a person require one. Alternatively, you can get your dog certified to be a service dog as well. However, this requires a bit of paperwork.

Are you curious to learn which dogs provide the best services to people with epilepsy? Read further about the best service dog breeds for epilepsy.

What is a Seizure Dog?

Seizure dogs are specifically trained to handle seizures and epileptic episodes in their companions. There are two main types of seizure dogs: seizure-alert dogs & seizure-response dogs. Both types of dogs provide their services with regard to seizures in their owners. However, they offer fundamentally distinct services.

Seizure-Alert Dogs

Seizure-alert dogs are trained to predict a seizure, allowing them to warn their owner so that they can take the right measures. Although it is generally unknown how these dogs can predict a seizure, it is most likely that they can detect changes in their owner’s scent. Thus, during the onset of a seizure, they will whine, bark, and engage in other similar behaviors to alert their owner.

Seizure-Response Dogs

On the other hand, seizure-response dogs cannot alert their owner about the onset of a seizure. However, they are trained in how to deal with seizures after their owner has begun experiencing them. For example, they can help break a person’s fall or retrieve medication or an alert device.

Seizure-assist dogs is another type of seizure dog that are trained to be caretakers to their companions during a seizure. This type of dog may or may not also be a seizure-response dog.

Best Service Dog Breeds for Epilepsy

The following is a shortlist of some of the best service dog breeds for epilepsy. These hardworking dogs can be any type of seizure dog from seizure-alert to seizure-response, depending on how they are trained.

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Border Collie

Motivated and easily trainable, the workaholic Border Collie is an extremely energetic dog that is happy to provide their services. They make excellent companions even when they aren’t working due to their loyal nature and lovable personality. They are also notorious for their intelligence and are considered one of the top smartest dog breeds.


A perfect mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, the Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog that was originally bred to be a guide dog. Smart and extremely friendly, they are exceptionally sociable with everyone, including young children as well as strangers. Moreover, they are athletic and highly trainable.

Golden Labrador

Another perfect hybrid, the Golden Labrador is what many trainers rescue from animal shelters for service work. Equipped with the qualities of both Labradors and Golden Retrievers, this dog is friendly, lovable, and overall joyful.


The Newfoundland is a large working dog, specifically bred for the purpose of helping fishermen pull nets and haul wood from the forest. They are generally known for their strong work ethic and their trainability as they are A+ students. The giant furball of a dog also thrives in cool climates and may adapt to warmer weather.

Honorable Mentions:

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