Golden Retriever Dog Breed

golden retriever dog going on a walk

Are you considering growing your family by adopting a Golden Retriever dog? Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular family dog breeds in the U.S. and the Netherlands. Curious to find out more about them? This article lays out the basics to get familiar with the Golden Retriever dog breed.

Read further and discover if the Golden Retriever dog is the right option for you and your family.

Golden Retriver Dog Breed Basics

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 25-34kg
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Shedding: Medium
  • Classification: Sporting
  • Good with other dogs: yes
  • Good with kids: yes
  • Good with cats: yes

History & Origin

The Golden Retriever was bred in the Scottish Highlands in the 19th century and officially shown in 1908. During that time, they were classified as a Yellow or a Golden Retriever. In 1920, the breed became formally known as the Golden Retriever dog. The breed gained popularity in the U.S. during the 1970s when President Gerald Ford owned one named Liberty.

Golden retrievers are popular in movies and tv shows such as Homeward Bound and Full House. They are also a prevalent breed in the U.S. among celebrities such as Oprah, Emma Stone, and Adam Levine.


The Golden Retriever dog has a very dense outercoat and a thick undercoat. For this reason, daily grooming is highly recommended. They come in various shades of light and dark gold. Moreover, they have floppy ears and a long muzzle. One of their most attractive features is the feathering on their neck, legs, thighs, underside and tail.


Apart from their golden fur, they also have a heart made of gold. Golden Retrievers are one of the best options for the family because they are gentle and trustworthy among young children. They love company, and in fact, they don’t do well when they are left alone for too long. Consider getting a pet sitter for them if you are not available as much as they need you to be. Moreover, they are incredibly playful and require plenty of chew toys and a decent backyard next to the company. In addition, unlike German Shepherds, they are kind to strangers due to their trusting nature.


Goldens are such a popular choice for family movies and tv shows because they are easily trainable. They are happy to be of service to you and your needs — it’s why they are also a popular choice for service dogs and therapy! The Golden Retriever dog loves a good challenge, whether it’s mental or physical. However, they are sensitive to harsh training. Remember to show them patience and be kind to them. They are adorable breeds who love to please. Moreover, they reportedly do very well in dog shows — they love to impress!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Golden Retrievers good hunting dogs?

Yes. A Goldie’s high energy and enthusiasm, alongside their loyalty and obedience to their pet parents, can make them excellent hunters for birds and other small prey.

Is a Golden Retriever a good first dog?

Yes! If you have never had a dog before, a loveable, playful goldie who obeys quickly and learns commands fast could be a great option for you. As long as you enjoy being active and have the time to care for them, a Golden Retriever dog can thrive in any household.

Do Golden Retrievers bark a lot?

Your Goldie’s barking depends on their training. Their bark is usually more friendly than aggressive. Thus, they can make good watchdogs, but they are also a relatively quiet breed and bark occasionally.

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