Dachshund Dog Breed

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Have you considered adopting a Dachshund dog yet? The German-bred wiener, originally bred to be a hunter is now an extremely lovable pooch that makes an excellent companion who is fun to play with. Would you like to know more about the Dachshund dog? This article lays out the basics to get familiar with the popular sausage dog breed.

Read further and discover if the Dachshund dog is the right breed for you.

Dachshund Dog Breed Basics

  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 7-26kg
  • Life expectancy: 12-16 years
  • Classification: Hound
  • Good with other dogs: yes with smaller dogs
  • Good with kids: yes with training
  • Good with cats: yes

History & Origin

The Dachshund dog (translated to “badger dog”) is a German-bred hunting dog that finds its trace all the way back to the 15th century. Their development however began in the 17th century. They are “badger dogs”, with their short legs, long forms, and flap-down ears that kept dirt away were ideal breeds for digging, moving through tunnels and hunting badgers.


Also known as a wiener or sausage dog, the Dachshund has a long and narrow build. They are muscular with short legs and paddle-shaped paws that are suitable for digging. They also have a long snout and a deep chest which provides the ideal space for heart development and lung capacity. There are three distinguished dachshund coat varieties: smooth coat (short hair), long-haired, and wire-haired.

The Dachshund dog comes in various colors (black, black & tan, blue, brown, red, silver, white) and in coat varieties (smooth coat or short hair, long-haired, and wire-haired).

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The Dachshund is brave, highly intelligent, and loves attention. With their high intelligence, they are game seekers that love a good challenge, so small-hunter games are most desirable to them. Unlike Golden Retrievers, they can become aggressive with strangers as well as other dogs, especially larger ones because they feel threatened. They have a tendency of being stubborn as well as defensive by barking a lot. If you train them properly at a young age, you will benefit a lot, as they can be extremely protective.


The dachshund’s stubborn nature can be a challenge when teaching them basic commands at the beginning. The Dachshund dog was initially bred for hunting which means they are inclined to hunt and chew up vermin. As puppies, it is strongly advised to give them enough toys to chew on and help them soothe their gums and teeth as they grow. For older dogs, chewing on toys also helps them maintain strong jaws and clean teeth.

Key Note on children

If you intend to keep a dachshund around children, you must enforce proper training and extensive socializing. The Dachshund dog can be good with children if you raise them alongside one another instead of introducing them later in life. In addition, make sure you instruct your children on how to handle the dog safely. They are prone to developing intervertebral disc disease because of their long back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dachshunds intelligent?

Yes! In fact, part of the reason they are not prone to obedience is due to the fact that they are intelligent above average, so if they do not want to do what you command, they simply won’t do it. It is best to train them while they are puppies and make good use of how smart they are.

Is a dachshund a good family dog?

As a born hunter, the dachshund makes a loyal companion and excellent watchdog. Although they can be hard to train, they can be great with children if you train them well and consistently from a young age.

Do dachshunds like to cuddle?

Dachshunds love attention as well as affection. They are more than happy to snuggle with their loved ones. They have a tendency of being fiercely protective of those they love, and they will follow them everywhere around the house too. They usually tend to cling to one particular family member.

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