Chihuahua Dog Breed

chihuahua dog laying on a bed

Have you considered adopting a teensy Chihuahua dog? Despite their propensity to shivering and shaking alongside their extreme barking, there is a reason why these handbag-sized breeds are so popular. If you want to know more about the breed to see whether they are the right fit for you, read further!

Chihuahua Dog Breed Basics

  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 1.8-2.7kg
  • Life expectancy: 12-20 years
  • Classification: Toy
  • Good with other dogs: yes with training
  • Good with kids: yes
  • Good with cats: yes

History & Origin

Chihuahuas were first discovered in the late 19th century in Mexico. Their origins are unknown and highly debated among historians. One of the most widely accepted theories is that the Chihuahua dog is a descendant of the Techichi. The Techichi was a mute, long-haired, small, domesticated companion dog to Native American tribes and Mesoamerican civilizations preceding the discovery of the Americas.


The Chihuahua is the tiniest dog in the world. Their coats come in varying colors, patterns, and lengths. They are easy to identify with their distinctively big, bug eyes and pointy, erect ears. Because of their high metabolism, they are prone to feeling cold much more easily as they burn off body heat. Thus, their metabolism patterns result in their famous shaking and shivering.

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The Chihuahua dog is known as a tiny dog with a big personality. They are highly intelligent dogs who love to please. Similar to the dachshund, their high intelligence allows them to get their way at times. They are very confident, loyal, charming, with a big-dog attitude, as they are not afraid to bark and express their aggressiveness to anyone they deem a threat no matter their size. For this reason, they make great guard dogs as they will bark at anyone that passes by your home. Moreover, they are fun and easy to play with as they love to play along with others.


The Chihuahua dog requires proper training from the beginning to enforce the fact that they must be obedient to you and not themselves. They respond fairly well to positive training practices, but due to their temperament, a firm but gentle hand may be necessary when training. If you train them from an early age, they can excel in not only obedience but canine sports as well.

Generally, Chihuahuas are much easier to care for. They require only up to 20 minutes of daily exercise unlike larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds with a far more demanding routine. Moreover, their food is affordable because they eat significantly smaller portions due to their size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chihuahuas Bad Dogs?

The bad reputation of the Chihuahua dog tends to be a result of people’s reactions to their temperament. Contrary to popular belief of them being a bad company, Chihuahuas are extremely charismatic, joyful, and enthusiastic for life when they are within the comfort of their home.

Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

Yes. Chihuahuas are notorious for barking constantly. This is primarily due to their fiercely protective instincts towards their loved humans, as they will bark at anyone they consider a potential threat. However, another common cause of barking could be separation anxiety.

Are Chihuahuas aware of their size?

Most small dogs, including Chihuahuas are not aware of their size. This allows them to show bravery and protectiveness by standing up for themselves and their loved ones. They also rarely hesitate to bark at larger dogs.

Now you’re up to date on the Chihuaha dog breed! Still got questions? Then book a video consultation with one of our qualified veterinarians to get advice on your pet questions within minutes.

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