Best Dog Breeds for Protection

dog fighting other dog to protect their human family

Are you looking to adopt a furry pal who can offer safety and protection alongside their love and affection for you and your family? There are many dogs that make great guardians to your home. Whether they are big or small, you would be surprised by your options.

This article shortlists some of the best dog breeds for protection.

Best Large Dog Breeds for Protection

One of the most popular options for breeds suitable for home protection is large dogs. The options are plenty, but the following are some of the best choices.


Originally bred for guarding royals and nobles in feudal Japan, Akitas remain one of the best dog breeds for protection. Their courage and loyalty paired with their suspicion and alertness toward strangers allow them to attend to their guarding duties with very little training. This curly-tailed mountain dog is also very playful and silly. Proper socialization is crucial for them, as with all dogs.

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Of course, every Akita is different depending on their training. However, there are some key things you should know that generally apply to this breed:

  • Avoid maintaining eye contact when you discipline them as they view it as aggression.
  • They are notorious for preying on smaller animals.
  • They can be stubborn and temperamental.


Derived from the Dutch word “boer” for “farmer”, the Boerboel dog is a South African breed originally trained to protect farmers. Boerboels are calm and confident but also intelligent. Their strong and often imposing appearance allows them to protect their human family against unknown intruders. In addition, they love children as well as other animals, but proper training and socialization are important.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is an Italian breed train originally as a hunter, a war dog, and a guard dog. This breed is large and muscular and, thus physically strong. Their training must be centered around obedience. This is important because of their vigorous tempers which might make them inappropriately aggressive and hostile without any socialization.

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are infamous for their aggressive behavior, but their loyalty and love for their human family shouldn’t go unnoticed. Their aggressiveness stems from sensing danger which isn’t always the case when they meet strangers. They are excellent protectors who, just like Akitas, do not require a lot of training.

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This breed is prone to several health conditions. Beware of obesity, skin problems, spinal compression, and blood clotting problems.

Best Medium or Small Dog Breeds for Protection

Are you looking for more apartment-friendly breeds that are also good guard dogs? Find below a list of significantly smaller breeds that can also make some of the best guard dogs.

Chinese Shar-Pei

This Chinese, medium-sized, wrinkled dog breed was originally a fighting dog, used to protect palaces for thousands of years. Nowadays, their sweet nature enables them to be affectionate as well as protective dogs for their human family. One thing you must know about this breed is that they are susceptible to dental disease and obesity. So, make sure you brush their teeth frequently and avoid giving them leftovers! Restrict their diet to dog food and healthy snacks.

Jack Russell

Jack Russells build unbreakable bonds with their human family and they become extremely loyal to them. As a result, they are one of the best dogs for protecting one’s home despite their size. They know how to assert themselves and remain fierce in the face of any intruder. Moreover, if they are upset, they let you know.


Do not underestimate the tiny furball that is the Pomeranian. While they might not be physically strong, they are extremely alert, bold, and curious. Hence, if they hear or see anything that might raise their suspicion, they will operate as your personal alarm system and notify you of any suspicious activity. They make excellent guard dogs for apartments, but keep in mind that their barks can be relentless.

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Now you’re up to date on best dog breeds for protection! Still got questions? Then book a video consultation with one of our qualified veterinarians to get advice on your pet questions within minutes.

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