International Dog Day: 10 Ways to Celebrate

pet parents and their dogs taking photo for international dog day

Did you know that August 26 is marked as an international dog day? Today is the day for you to celebrate your furry baby by showing your love and appreciation to them. Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry, you can still contribute through other means. Keep reading and find out how you can engage in the celebration of international dog day!


International Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Animal Rescue Advocate and author, Colleen Paige. August 26 was the day when she adopted her first family dog. Now, it is a national dog day that has been adopted all around the globe and is celebrated annually.

What we Celebrate

On International Dog Day, we celebrate and raise awareness about dog adoption. It is a means of informing people about the importance of dog adoption and the cruelty of breeders. Moreover, it encourages people to adopt more rescue dogs that deserve a loving home and a safe space for their needs.

10 Ways to Celebrate International Dog Day

Here are the ten fun ways you can celebrate this year’s dog day!

1. Adopt from a Shelter

Haven’t got a pup yet? Become a pet dog parent now by adopting from an animal shelter! Alternatively, give the furry baby that you already have some company by bringing home a new sibling that they can play with! Fight against pet stores or breeders that sell animals by adopting a furry baby that is in desperate need of a warm home.

2. Donate to Welfare

Are you not a dog parent? Or perhaps, you feel like doing something a little more than celebrate your own pup? You can consider donating any blankets, toys, and food to welfare organizations.

3. Run with your Dog

Spend some quality time with your furry baby and run with them in a nearby park or a field. Allow them the space and the time to run carefree in nature. Alternatively, you can run with them at the beach or by a lake.

4. Buy them a New Toy

If you can’t take the day off to spend more time with them than you would like to, surprise them with a new squeaky toy or a fellow furry plush that they can play with instead.

5. Give them a Massage

Spoil your furry pal with a much-needed spa treatment. Help them relax their muscles and ease any worries they may have. Give them the proper dog massage they deserve to reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen your bond with them.

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6. Have a Photoshoot

Give your dog the spotlight by setting up a photoshoot session for them. Use your own camera or hire a professional photographer to take photos that you can, later on, show off to your friends or on social media.

7. Buy them a New Collar

Upgrade their look by giving them a new accessory such as a brand new collar or a shirt! If they already have a casual outfit, invest in a more glamourous style.

8. Teach them a New Trick

No dog is too young or too old to learn something new! Teach them a new trick and practice your training skills while bonding with your furry baby.

9. Throw them a Party

Celebrate your love and appreciation for your dog by throwing them a party with their favorite treats. Invite over friends, fellow pet-parents, and their furry pals for a small gathering in the backyard!

10. Send Gifts to your Friends

Send out dog-related gifts to your friends to show your love. If they are pet parents themselves, consider giving them a toy or a treat for their furry babies. Alternatively, you can give them anything from custom-made dog greeting cards to even dog-shaped cookies!

Final Words

There are lots of different ways that you can celebrate or contribute to this holiday. If you are a dog parent, remember to show your love to your furry baby. If you are thinking of becoming one, start by doing your research on animal rescue centers. Don’t forget that all dogs deserve a loving and caring home.

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