Dog Spay or Neuter: A Pet Parent’s Guide

spay or neuter dog laying on table for surgery

Are you thinking about spaying or neutering your dog? Neutering is the surgical procedure of removing your dog’s reproductive organs. Specifically, neutering or castration is the removal of a male dog’s testicles, whereas spaying removes a female dog’s ovaries (and often uterus).

If you consider spaying or neutering your dog, this guide is for you.

Why Spay or Neuter a Dog

You’d be surprised by how much you and your dog can benefit from spaying or neutering them. The benefits can be behavioral, health-related, and overall preventive.

Improved Behavior

  • Less likelihood for scent marking and spraying in male dogs
  • Reduced aggression toward other dogs
  • Reduced mate-seeking behaviors
  • Reduced roaming behavior

Improved Health

  • Reduces risks of phantom pregnancies, mammary tumors & womb infections in female dogs
  • Reduction in some types of prostatic disease and cancers in male dogs

Limits Inconveniences

  • No unnecessary vet bills on unplanned pregnancies and raising puppies
  • Prevents bloody discharge in female dogs during season
  • Indicating on their ID tag that they are neutered makes for a good deterrent against dog theft

Although costly, this is a one-time expense that can save you a lot of money on other medical bills, as already mentioned. The price to spay or neuter a dog depends on the dog’s size, weight, and sex. In the Netherlands, castrating a male dog costs around €150-300, whereas spaying a female dog can be around €250-450.

Cat insurance from From Dog insurance from Coverage Contribution Own risk
petsecur logo €8.46 €12.11 €3.250 — €6.000 10% — 50% €0 — €150
per year
ohra logo €14.05 €17.77 €3.000 — €6.000 20% €30 — €50
per year
figopet logo €12.16 €17.42 €3.000 — €5.000 20% — 50% €0 — €250
per year
InShared logo €13.27 €20,14 €3.000 — €6.000 20% none View
Unive logo €13.86 €14.67 €2.500 — €5.000 20% none View
aegon logo €10.56 €13.14 €3.500 25% €25
per claim

Is There Any Reason Not to Spay or Neuter a Dog?

There are a few reasons to not spay or neuter your dog. Some pet parents wish to show or breed their pets; others are faced with constraints or fear of anesthesia. Other than in specific situations however, the pros of spaying or neutering your dog outweigh the cons.

Ideally, it is best to consult an online vet who can give you advice that applies specifically to your dog.

When Can you Spay or Neuter a Dog?

You should talk to your vet and determine the best time to spay or neuter your dog. There is no single age which is best for all situations. The best age can vary based on – for example – the dog’s sex, size, breed and athletic ability. This is certainly an area where it is best to speak to your vet and get recommendations for your specific dog.

Dog Spay or Neuter Recovery

Dog spay or neuter recovery only lasts for a few days (roughly 7-10 days). After the surgery, your dog will likely go home the same day. They will have been given pain relief prior to and during surgery, and will likely go home with pain relief as well. In addition to this, your dog might be wearing a protective collar to prevent licking the incision while the incision heals. Finally, your vet may have you return for a follow-up visit to examine the healing process and remove any stitches, if present.

Final Words

There are many benefits to neutering a dog for you and your furry baby that are difficult to ignore. Talk to your vet if you still don’t know whether you should spay or neuter your dog.

Still looking for answers about spay and neuter benefits in dogs? Schedule an instant video consultation with our qualified veterinarians and get tailored advice from the comfort of your home – today.

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