Everything you need to know about raising and training your dog or cat.

When To Start Training a Puppy?

New puppies may be cute and cuddly but they are also a forever commitment. When you decide to give one a home, you become responsible for training them to behave well. So, when is it best to start training a puppy?

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How to Stop a Dog from Pulling

Going out for a walk is one of the most exciting times of the day for many dogs. Pulling on a lead makes perfect sense to them because it’s the way to make more fascinating discoveries even faster. Read on for the tips you need and learn how to stop a dog from pulling on your leash.

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How to Train a Cat to Use the Litter Box

Have you recently adopted a feral baby who has never used a litter box before? Or, perhaps you are retraining your long-time cat. This article teaches you how to train a cat to use the litter box as well as providing you with useful tips on choosing the litter box.

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Top 5 First Commands to Teach your Dog

Exercising your dog is important to keep them fit and healthy. But as good dog owners, we must not forget the importance of mental stimulation for happy hounds. If you have recently gotten your new dog, you might be wondering what commands you should teach first.

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