Top 5 First Commands to Teach your Dog

Exercising your dog is important to keep them fit and healthy. But as good dog owners, we must not forget the importance of mental stimulation for happy hounds. If you have recently gotten your new dog, you might be wondering what commands you should teach first. Remember, training a dog is easiest from a young age but if you happen to have an older dog do not worry, they can learn too!

Commands to Teach Your Dog

We have compiled a list of the most essential commands your dog should learn first. These are: come, sit, drop it, down and with me. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.


This is an essential command to teach your dog first. If you walk your dog off the leash or if your dog slips out of the leash they must come to you at the first command. This can be potentially life-saving in an emergency. You can train this by either using your dog’s name as the signal or rather a phrase such as ‘come here’. When your dog approaches you after your signal, immediately reward him with a treat.


This is probably the easiest command to teach your pup which is good since you will need it daily. To teach your dog to sit, have a treat in your hand and hold it over your dog’s head. Say “sit” and reward them once they do.

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Drop it

This is a lifesaver. If your furry friend likes to pick up stuff on the street it’s quintessential that they drop it and not eat it, it also protects your valuable items that your hound may try to get hold of. The simplest way to teach your dog to ‘drop it’ is using two toys. Hand your dog one of the toys, before showing them the second toy and saying ‘drop it’ clearly. Once your dog drops the first toy, quickly hand him the second one. Have treats on hand for an extra reward.


This one is slightly harder to teach but very valuable for you as an owner. It will help bring your dog’s energy levels down when he gets too excited. To teach your dog down, you will need a tasty treat. Let them smell it while sitting, before bringing the treat to the floor. Your dog should lie down after figuring out what you are asking. As soon as they lie down make sure to say your chosen word clearly.

With me

Teaching this command makes walking on the leash much more enjoyable. If taught properly you can enjoy walks in the park without having your dog pulling the leash all the time. To teach ‘with me’, take your dog for their usual walk but this time get them to sit often. Make sure to have treats on hand, let your dog see the treat, and hold it above their head while beginning to walk. Repeat the phrase ‘with me’ while often giving rewards.

In conclusion, remember that all dogs are different and your dog might learn at a fast pace or go a bit slower. Dog training is a lifelong process, have fun and enjoy the ride.

Exercise your dog regularly and don’t forget to visit a vet for health checkups and vaccinations or schedule a video consultation with one of Cooper Pet Care’s qualified veterinarians. We also highly recommend you get pet health insurance to protect you and your pup from any unforeseen situations.

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