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Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher, a passionate animal lover and the proud pet parent of a Boston Terrier named Steven, serves as the CEO and co-founder of Cooper Pet Care. Residing in Amsterdam, Michael’s lifelong dedication to animals led him to establish his own pet care company. His combined passion for animals and expertise in business have made him a prominent figure in the field of animal healthcare.

As the CEO of Cooper Pet Care, Michael has succeeded in merging his love for animals with his keen business acumen. His role has not only seen him implement innovative strategies for the company’s growth, but also consistently ensure the welfare of pets at the heart of their services. He has helped establish Cooper Pet Care as a leading organization in the market, delivering high-quality and personalized pet care solutions.

Outside of his professional life, Michael is a fervent dog dad who thoroughly enjoys spending time with Steven. Their bond serves as a testament to the relationship Cooper Pet Care aspires to facilitate between pets and their parents. Michael’s love for his dog, his passion for animal welfare, and his business prowess all come together to shape his inspiring and dynamic career journey.

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