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Patrik Holmboe

Dr. Patrik Holmboe is an accomplished veterinarian with a passion for leveraging technology and innovation to provide the best possible healthcare for pets. After obtaining his veterinary degree from the University of Melbourne in 2015, Patrik embarked on a diverse professional journey that took him across three continents.

Over a span of five years, he honed his skills as a clinical veterinarian – providing devoted care to companion animals in Australia, Dubai, and the Netherlands. This invaluable experience allowed him to witness firsthand the power of integrating technological advancements into veterinary care.

In 2021, Patrik joined Cooper Pet Care, the Netherlands’ foremost veterinary telemedicine provider, as Head Veterinarian. In this pivotal role he leads all veterinary operations and focuses on optimizing the client experience and ensuring the highest standards of care. His unique combination of expertise in veterinary medicine, technology, and innovation makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Patrik finds solace in the company of his amazing furry family members: Pepper the cockapoo and Leath the cat. Based in the historic city of Amsterdam, Patrik is dedicated to promoting the integration of digitization and advanced technologies to enhance both the accessibility and quality of animal healthcare. In his leisure time, his hobbies include woodworking, social board games, and hiking.

A Report on the Utilization and Outcomes of Veterinary Telemedicine

Over a six-month period at the end of 2022, Cooper Pet Care veterinarians conducted a large volume of video and phone consultations, addressing a diverse range of issues. This report aims to provide comprehensive data and information about these consultations, with the goal of gaining insights into the utilization and outcomes of veterinary telemedicine in general.

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Dutch Government Ban in the Works for Flat-Nosed Dogs and Folded-Ear Cats

The Dutch government announces a plan to ban the breeding and sale of animals that suffer from health problems due to their physical appearance.

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Animal Emergency Contacts in the Netherlands

Emergencies can strike at any time, and finding the right contacts is not always easy. We have compiled a list of useful emergency contacts, including 24/7 animal emergency centers in all major cities in the Netherlands.

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