Best Dog Summer Clothes of 2021

dog in summer clothes

Are you and your furry friend ready for summer yet? You might have even started sunbathing already! But have you bought any dog summer clothes? If you are having doubts about whether or not your dog needs any, wait until you learn how important dog summer clothes are for your furry pal’s health…

Are Dog Summer Clothes Important?

You are most likely more used to dressing up your furry baby in the winter so that they keep warm. But did you ever think that dog summer clothes might be just as important as winter wear? Summer clothes for dogs do not only serve fashion and style. They can be practical and protective, as well.

Is your dog exposed to the sun for long periods of time? Do you live in an area where the weather gets too hot with high sun exposure? It is best to consider getting dog summer clothes for them.

Here is why:

Protection from the Sun

Did you know that certain dog breeds can get sunburned? That’s when you know you might need anti-UV ray clothing for your furry friend. Any other normal type of clothing can be enough if you hang out with your dog outside during the time of the day when it isn’t as hot. If your dog belongs to the breeds that are most likely to get sunburned, it’s best to invest in pet-friendly sunscreen alongside protective dog clothing.

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Keeping Cool

Does your dog like to lay in the sun a lot? Help them make the most of it by putting them in dog summer clothes such as vests that are specifically designed to keep them cool. Moreover, lightweight summer clothes are most suitable for:

Caution! Shaving double-coated dogs to keep them cool is not recommended. Their coat protects them from the sun’s UV rays in summer as well as the cold of the winter because of the fur’s insulation.

Keeping Clean

Put some light summer clothes on your pooch and avoid unwanted dirt, sand, grass, etc. from the outdoors to enter your home on your way back. Avoid bathing your baby more times than necessary!

Allergy Prevention

If your furry pal is more susceptible to seasonal allergies, dressing them up in summer clothes may reduce contact with allergens. This could keep your pooch from scratching or licking themselves as much in the irritated areas.

Best Dog Summer Clothes

See below the two types of practical and protective clothes for your furry pal and where to find them!

  1. Cooling Vest:
    • Suitable for keeping cool when the temperature increases.
    • The outer layer reflects heat and the middle layer absorbs and stores water for evaporation.
    • Best brands: RUFFWEAR, SELMAI, Hurrta
  2. T-Shirt:
    • For protection against the sun and anxiety relief.
    • Reduces heat absorption, most notably in dark-colored dogs.
    • Best brands: Gold Paw

For specific summer activities like swimming, it is best to invest in a life jacket from a brand like SILD.

Dresses (from brands like Petroom) and other summer wear are also recommended, but keep in mind that most of them do not come with cooling features or UV protection! However, those can be stylish as well as suitable for keeping allergies and dirt away from your pooch!

With summer right around the corner, make the most of it for you and your baby by investing in some cool, fashionable, UV-protective dog clothes! Allow your furry friend to enjoy the warmth of the sun without any worries!

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