Can Dogs Be Vegan?

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Are you wondering whether or not you can turn your dog vegan? The short answer is technically, yes. Dogs can be vegan. However, before you decide to move ahead with this endeavor, it is crucial that you do enough research and consult your vet about it. This article provides you with the basics of what you should know about dogs being vegan.

Why Should Dogs Be Vegan?

With the rise of plant-based diet in humans, a lot of pet parents look for alternatives for their furry babies too. There are plenty of reasons why a dog parent would want their dog to be vegan. Firstly, it is likely that the pet parent is one themselves for ethical reasons. Thus, those who try to eat less meat due to concerns over welfare, environmental impact, and overall health may seek meat-free vegan or vegetarian options for their furry pals.

Moreover, for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities to animal protein, plant sources of protein may help avoid them and thus be a better alternative for them.

Dangers of Dogs Being Vegan

Meat-free food for dogs is can be found in plenty of fruits and vegetables. However, many of these foods are more suitable as healthy dog treats rather than meals. The reason for this is because many of these plant-based foods lack important nutrients such as collagen, elastin, and keratin which all contribute to the maintenance and improvement of your dog’s skin, muscles, and joints. These nutrients are difficult and many cases impossible to find in a vegan diet. In the long run, making your dog vegan may lead to severe health problems and malnutrition without carefully planned, proper guidance.

For this reason, if you decide that you want your dog to be vegan, you must do so under the guidance and supervision of a licensed professional. They will be able to provide you with the appropriate commercial pet food that is most suitable for your dog.

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How to Safely Turn your Dog Vegan

Remember that dogs are naturally carnivorous. And not all dogs can eat vegan. If you wish to give vegan food to your dog for either health or ethical reasons, consider it as a last resort.

First of all, consult your vet. They can give you clear instructions as well as good quality dog food brands that you can use for your dog. Do not look for them on your own, as each dog’s diet is unique. For a faster reach, talk to an online vet via Cooper Pet Care.

Secondly, compromise. If your vet advises you against it, ask about information on fish-based dog foods instead.

Thirdly, if all else fails, ask your vet for recommendations on high-quality dog foods that use humanely sourced meats as well as ethically sourced fruits and vegetables. Keep your dog well-fed and your conscience at ease.

Final Words

Veganism is not impossible for dogs. However, it takes effort, commitment, and a lot of responsibility – and the consequences of getting it wrong are serious, life-threatening complications for your dog. Remember that you should not deprive your canine pal of any nutrients but strive to replace them with equally nutritional plant-based foods. Develop your dog’s vegan diet with the help of a licensed professional and keep your mind at ease.

Still looking for answers about your dog being vegan? Schedule an instant video consultation with our qualified veterinarians and get tailored advice from the comfort of your home – today.

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