Christmas Pets: What You Should Consider

woman with christmas pet dog

It is that time of year where people exchange gifts, ranging from a bag of candy and a pair of socks to expensive jewelry and a new dog. However, this Christmas, it is time for you to reconsider your Google search gift ideas.

This article informs you about Christmas pets and what you should consider before gifting someone with one.

What are Christmas Pets?

Christmas pets are new pets given as gifts (usually for Christmas). These types of pets tend to be a fun surprise for the receiver, who might have made it clear in the past that they would love to own a pet.

Did you know? There is a long history of animal shelters being reportedly crowded during January, right after Christmas, as many recipients of Christmas pets do not always keep them.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Christmas Pets

If you are considering gifting a loved one with a pet, there are a few questions you should ask yourself about them first. This will help you lead to a rational and responsible decision. Thus, here are some key indicators that will help you determine whether or not you are making the right choice:

  • Has the recipient expressed their desire for a pet multiple times in the past or simply in a spur of the moment?
  • Can they afford to pay for food, veterinary bills, collars, toys, grooming, etc.?
  • Does they have a busy work schedule?
  • Do they have the patience and energy to take care of an animal?
  • Is anyone allergic to dogs or cats in their household?
  • Is the dog or cat breed you are considering compatible with their household (i.e. good with children)?
  • Would they be willing to clean up dog or cat hair?

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What to Consider when Getting Christmas Pets

Find below some important decisions you must make on top of asking yourself the questions above.

Adopt, Don’t Buy

Do not purchase a pet and fuel the vile trade of puppy mills and pet stores. A recent article found that Christmas is “the most lucrative time of year for puppy farmers” in Ireland. Instead, there are plenty of reasons to consider animal shelter pet adoption, which are both morally ethical and kind to your pocket.

Surprises are Overrated

There is no need to surprise your loved one by pulling a cat out of a wrapped box. Instead, consider taking them on a trip to the animal shelter and giving them the option to choose the pet themselves. This is not only a much more appreciative gift but a more responsible one, too. If they aren’t sure about pet parenting, they are more likely to express it guilt-free. They won’t feel burdened to admit if when you don’t purchase them the gift.


While it may impressive to gift someone a pet for Christmas, it does not always mean it’s ethical. Be considerate of both the pet and the recipient of the Christmas gift. Weigh your options, make sure you are certain that they truly want this as a gift. Try to avoid surprises. Surprises do not take away the pure joy from someone if they genuinely want to become a pet parent.

Remember, the most thoughtful Christmas gifts are sometimes the simplest ones.

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