Keeping Cats Cool in Summer: A Short Guide

cat outdoors enjoying the sun

We all enjoy some good hot summer weather, cats included. But it all stops being fun and enjoyable when your beloved feral baby suffers from the unbearable heat in the end. Keep up the fun and their happiness levels high by reading below some useful tips on keeping cats cool in summer.

Vulnerable Cats During Summer

Did you know that heat can be unbearable for certain cats while it might not be as difficult for others? This depends on their breed, their fur, and their health conditions. This means that you should be a bit more careful and watch out for certain breeds more often than others. In brief, the cats that might need some extra care during the summer months are:

  • Flat-faced breeds. Breeds such as Persian or British Shorthairs that have small noses might experience breathing problems that only become worse in hot weather.
  • Thick-furred cats. Long or thick-furred cats are more likely to feel the heat than short-haired felines.
  • Cats with health problems & older cats. Any cats with health problems or any older cats can be more sensitive to the heat and at a higher risk of heatstroke. Try to keep them inside more often and avoid the sun and outdoors during extremely warm weather.
  • Overweight cats. Cats that carry some extra weight might have more trouble coping with the heat.
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Keeping Cats Cool in Summer Tips


  1. Personal Fan: Get them a box fan and place it on the floor near a window.
  2. Water: Make sure they’re hydrated by keeping multiple water bowls around. Always keep water in sight, so they can actively remember to keep hydrated. Cats don’t like sharing bowls with other cats. Keep them separate if you have multiple feline babies in the house.
  3. Cooler Rooms: Avoid warm rooms like conservatories and invest in accommodating your baby in a cool space in the house. Ceramic tiles are perfect for keeping cool. Another tip to keeping cats cool in summer is to close curtains and blinds during the day.
  4. Frequent Grooming: Brush your feline baby more often during hot summer months. If you are not equipped to do it yourself, it is best to get them professionally clipped. Ask your vet if you’re unsure.
  5. Cool Stroking: Relieve them from the heat by dampening a washcloth and stroking them with it.


  1. Shade: Trees and shrubs create great natural shade for garden-loving cats. You can also hang a sheet or blanket up to create a shady spot.
  2. Water: Remember to keep fresh, clean water near them when they are playing outside.
  3. Appropriate Time: Do not let your cat outside during the afternoon or any other time when it is the hottest time of the day. Let them explore early in the morning or late in the evening when the weather is cooler and more manageable.
  4. Sun Safety: If your feline baby has white or thin fur, they are more likely to need some extra sun protection using a pet-safe suncream.

Safety measures for keeping cats cool in summer are just as important as they are for dogs. Even though cats are more likely to stay home and not get exposed to the sun, they are still prone to heatstroke or other heat-related health risks.

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Should you have any other questions about keeping cats cool in the summer, schedule a video consultation with one of Cooper Pet Care’s qualified veterinarians. Get immediate answers to whatever your issue might be.

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