Preparing for the Pet Sitter

Preparing for the Pet Sitter

It’s not always convenient to travel with your pet. Sometimes they are happier at home in a familiar environment. Hiring a pet sitter means your pet will not be left in an unfamiliar place.

Although leaving your pet in someone else’s care can be difficult, there are some things you can do to ensure everything goes well. The following checklist will assist you and your pet sitter in working towards keeping your pet happy, safe, and healthy while you are away.

Provide Directions in Your Home

A pet sitter needs to know the way around your home. This will make them feel appreciated and allow them to provide the best care for your pet. Show them the alarm codes, circuit breakers, water shut-off, and potential harmful areas in the compound, such as places with sharp objects or holes.

In addition, provide the sitter with a map showing your pets’ favorite walking routes and areas they prefer to visit. If the pets play within the yard, let the sitter know if they are supervised or if there’s an outlet they can escape from. Also, show the pet sitter where the heat and air conditioning is located.

Prepare the Pet’s Daily Schedule

Pets thrive best with a routine. So, leave detailed pet feeding instructions, such as the portion size, feeding frequency, and feeding order if you have multiple pets. Let the sitter know when the pet goes out to play or walks. Does he like playing with a ball? What is his favorite game? Give special instructions such as if you allow your dog to sit on the couch, eat at the table, or sleep in your bed.

In addition, let the sitter know your pet’s preferences, needs, and behaviors. Just like kids, pets have things they like and dislike. Does the pet like cuddling when resting on the couch? Others may be interested in affection with a treat in your hand. Sharing with your pet sitter some insights into your pet’s preferences will prepare them for what to expect.

Give out Emergency Contact Information

To be ready in case of an emergency;

  • Write down the list of important contacts.
  • Include the contacts of trusted friends or relatives, and inform them in advance.
  • Give your sitter the phone number of the hotel you’ll be staying at.
  • Leave your vet’s number and address along with your pet’s vaccination information and medication schedule. It’s advisable to notify your vet that your pet is in the care of someone else.
  • Inform your neighbor or landlord that you have a pet sitter and give them the sitter’s contact just in case. You can also leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor in case your sitter loses his spare keys.

Dog Proof Your Home

Walk through your home and ensure everything is in place. Ensure there are no gaps in the fence to prevent your dog from escaping and keep sharp tools away. Dog proofing is the best way to keep your pet safe and make the sitter’s work easier. Secure the cabinetry, store medicines, and detergents out of your pet’s reach, and shut the closets.

Write Out Instructions

When preparing for the pet sitter, have written instructions to help them stay organized. Expecting the sitter to remember your pet care instructions is giving them a hard time. Instruct the sitter on how to prepare and store food. On top of that, tell the sitter which foods the pet can’t have due to allergies or other reasons.

Write down instructions on administering medication and demonstrate how to give your pet medicine.

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Keep Pet Supplies Within Reach

Leave the items the sitter will need in one place. You can store pet toys, brushes, and other necessities in a bin. Keep the treats, food, bowls, poop bags, and other supplies conveniently away from the pet’s reach. Make sure to leave everything in plenty and label food containers, especially if you have different pets on different diets. Show the pet sitter the dog’s first aid kit.

Be Ready for a Meeting

Make time for the pet sitter and your pet to get acquainted. A pet may be anxious if left with a total stranger. The interaction will help minimize the pet’s anxiety. If a pet sitter is supposed to walk your pet, plan a day to walk around.

Why Should You Prepare for a Pet Sitter?

Leaving your pet behind is not easy. The major benefit of preparing for the pet sitter is having a less stressful time while away, and leaving your pet in good hands. You also don’t want your pet sitter to be uncomfortable in your home. Therefore, prepare the area where they will sleep and show them how to operate some appliances.

Peace of Mind

First, find a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter. This may not be easy, considering there are many pet sitters out there. Ask for recommendations from your family, friends, or neighbors. Interview two to three sitters and settle for the best. Discuss with them your expectations. Will they spend the night at your home? How frequently will they communicate with you? You need to ask for detailed information for your peace of mind.

For Your Pet’s Security and Comfort

Pets feel at ease in a familiar environment. Leaving your pet in boarding places can cause anxiety and stress. Having someone take care of your pet is essential to following your pet’s routine. In addition, with a pet sitter around, you’re sure your house and pet are safe.

Talk to Us

Leaving your pet behind is convenient with a pet sitter, although many concerns will linger in your mind. What if something happens when your pet is under the care of a pet sitter? It is best to have contact with a trusted vet for your pet’s health concerns.

If you have any concerns or questions about your pet’s health and well-being, please get in touch with us. Our qualified vets are always available to offer advice. Our blog section has many helpful articles about your pet’s health and how to keep them happy. We also have competitive pet insurance products. Get in touch to find out more.

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