Update for Travelers with Pets Entering the Netherlands from Ukraine

Due to the war in Ukraine, on March 9 the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) released a statement concerning refugees or Dutch citizens fleeing Ukraine with a pet. Primarily, it states that “The EU has unitedly agreed that people fleeing Ukraine with their pets will be treated with clemency”.

To put it simply – all normal requirements for people bringing their pets from Ukraine into any EU-country have been temporarily suspended.

Travelers are asked to – if possible – report their arrival with their animal to the Netherlands in advance. This is done based on the mode of entry:

  • Via road – travelers are directed to the NVWA here, and to click the green button labeled “Ask the NVWA a Question”. There is a field to fill out as much info as possible about the pet and the planned journey.
  • Via plane –  travelers are asked to report to the NVWA Amsterdam Airport Schiphol team via aas@nvwa.nl and also add as much information as possible about the pet and the planned journey.

Listed advice to travelers once arriving in the Netherlands:

  • Bring the pet to a veterinarian within the Netherlands as soon as possible. This is mainly to receive a rabies vaccine, microchip, and registration.
  • Until this vet visit has been completed, keep the pet away from other animals or people as much as possible.

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Under normal circumstances, bringing a pet to the Netherlands from Ukraine requires much more paperwork and strict control. This is due to Ukraine both being a non-EU country, but also being designated as “high-risk” for rabies.

Vet Clinics in the Netherlands

When you are in need of a vet in the nearest town over, it’s great to have a couple of options on hand. This is why we’ve created lists for all vet clinics in the Netherlands, divided by major cities. Please be advised that these articles are in Dutch but the phone numbers and addresses can be used in English.

Useful Resources

Do you want to know more of what it means to have a pet in the Netherlands? We have put together a blog post that highlights some important laws and resources. Should your beloved pet be anticipating new arrivals, consider utilizing our specialized calculators: the cat pregnancy calculator and the dog pregnancy calculator online, designed to assist you during this exciting time.

A video consultation with one of Cooper Pet Care’s qualified veterinarians is also only a few clicks away. Fast, simple, and secure – get the answers you need.

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