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The Importance of Vaccinations: Protecting Your Pet and the Community

Imagine a superhero shield, but instead of protecting just one hero, it guards your furry friend and everyone around them. That’s what vaccinations are like in the world of pet care! They’re like tiny superheroes that keep our beloved pets safe from nasty bugs and diseases.

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7 Necessary Accessories to Keep Your Dogs Safe and Happy at Home

If you’re a dog lover, you know how rewarding it can be to have a furry friend by your side. Whether you already have a dog or planning to adopt one soon, you want to make sure they have the best life possible. But being a dog parent is not always easy.

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What to Think About if You’re Considering a Raw Food Diet for Your Dog

As a dog parent, you feel the need to ensure that your dog is living their best and healthiest life. On this journey to a healthier life, you might have come across the raw food diet. While this diet has various benefits ranging from improved digestion and an immune system to healthier skin and coat…

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Leading the Charge in Online Veterinary Care: An Interview with Dr. Patrik Holmboe

Ever wonder what it’s like for the veterinarian working on the other end of the video consultation? We sat down with our Head Veterinarian Dr. Patrik Holmboe for a quick interview.

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Looking to Adopt? Introducing Verhuisdieren.nl

Cooper Pet Care is pleased to announce a collaboration with Verhuisdieren.nl, an established platform in the Netherlands allowing for the rehoming and adoption of dogs, cats, and rabbits looking for new homes.

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Update for Travelers with Pets Entering the Netherlands from Ukraine

Due to the war in Ukraine, on March 9 the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) released a statement concerning refugees or Dutch citizens fleeing Ukraine with a pet. Primarily, it states that “The EU has unitedly agreed that people fleeing Ukraine with their pets will be treated with clemency.”

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Ear Problems in Cats

Most ear infections that cats experience are likely to cause discomfort or be painful. Some can be serious and lead to a loss of balance or hearing. If you think your cat has some kind of ear infection, you should always contact your vet. The sooner your cat begins a course of treatment the better the…

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