Dog Massage: Benefits & How to Do it

dog receiving dog massage

Did you know that dogs benefit from a good rub just as much as humans do? After all, massages are all about easing pain and revitalizing. More than that, giving your dog a good massage also strengthens your bond with them. Want to learn more about dog massage?

This article informs you about the benefits of giving a dog massage to your furry pal and the basics of how to do it yourself.

Benefits of Dog Massage

Dog massage is just as beneficial as the regular massage is to humans. It has both mental and physical health benefits that are equally essential to your furry baby’s wellbeing. Here are the most important benefits to giving your dog a massage:

  • Reduces Stress & anxiety. Just like cats, dogs can easily become stressed or anxious for various reasons. Dog massage eases their tension and can help them relax into a state of comfort.
  • Healing. Apart from easing mental tension, a dog massage eases physical pain when they are injured. It rehabilitates and reduces pain and swelling, and it heals sprains faster!
  • Improves Budy Functions. A good massage allows for a better circulation, low blood pressure, ease of fluid movement, a good immune system and digestion, and a stimlation of their kidneys and liver. Moreover, a massage encourages your dog to breathe deeper and consequently better.
  • Strengthens your Bond. If you decide to give a dog massage to your dog instead of having someone else do it for you, you have higher chances of improving or strengthening your relationship with them. As they see that you care of them, they grow more attached to you.

Giving your dog a massage boosts overall their wellbeing. Your furry baby is left feeling refreshed and relaxed after a good rubdown.

How to Give your Dog a Massage

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the benefits of massaging your beloved furry pal, it’s time you learned how to do it. There are two ways you can do it: (1) take them to a spa or (2) do it yourself.

Pet Spa

Pet spas are an ideal solution for busy pet parents. While you should know how to be prepared for a pet, if you do not have the time or energy to dedicate some time to give your dog a massage, it is best that you have someone else do it for you. In addition to sparing some time, pet spas are usually safer. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, or if your dog is sensitive, it is much safer to have a professional treat your dog.

Alternatively, pet spas are expensive and not worth spending too much money on every week. In addition, you can easily replace the time you spend petting them with a good, gentle massage. You don’t need to give them a massage every day. Depending on how much they enjoy it, you can do it twice a week.

Massage at Home

Below you will find some easy steps to give your dog a good rub at home. Remember that if you’re not sure or if you are afraid of massaging them by yourself, consult your vet. They can give you some basic instructions, a few good tips that apply specifically to your dog such as how often you should do it.

Dog Massage Steps:

  1. Calm your dog down before you begin. Take them for a long walk if necessary. Do not start massaging them when they’re feeling anxious. They must be calm and submissive in order to let you do it.
  2. Pet your dog gently all over. Talk to them softly to help them maintain their calm.
  3. Move to their neck and make circular motions. Keep the pressure gentle.
  4. Massage down their shoulders and take more extra time. Continue with circular motions. This is an area that they cannot normally reach.
  5. Move to their chest and front legs. Skip their legs if your dog doesn’t like getting their paws massaged. Some may even have a kick reflex when you touch betweent the pads.
  6. Move up and down their spine, switching between both sides.
  7. Finish up by reaching their back legs and tail. Again, skip their legs if they don’t like it.

Final Words

If your dog has recently been injured or is dealing with stress, a dog massage is an ideal remedy for them. Take some time to show them some love and care by doing it yourself. Always consult your vet for guidance when if you need it. But overall, make sure that they enjoy it. Some dogs may not like it, and you might need to resort to alternative health-boosting activities such as swimming.

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