Most Popular Dog Names in 2021

Are you planning on becoming a dog parent and looking for some naming inspiration? Firstly, if you get your dog from a shelter or rescue it might come with a name already but in other cases, you might have the opportunity to come up with your unique name for your new furry friend.

Secondly, to help you out with some name ideas, we have gathered the most popular names for dogs to help you choose a name for your new furry friend.

According to Rover, the top ten most popular female dog names are:

  • Bella (from Italian origin meaning ‘beautiful’)
  • Luna (the Latin word for ‘moon’)
  • Lucy (the English variation of the name Lucia, meaning ‘light’)
  • Daisy (small petaled flower)
  • Lola (from Spanish origin meaning ‘lady of sorrows’)
  • Sadie (meaning ‘princess’ in Hebrew)
  • Molly (the diminutive of the Hebrew name Mary, meaning ‘star of the sea’ and ‘sea of bitterness’)
  • Bailey (from Old English origin, meaning ‘berry clearing’)
  • Stella (from Latin and Italian origin, meaning ‘star’)
  • Maggie (from English origin, meaning ‘pearl’)

Some other honorable mentions are: Sophie, Chloe, Zoe, Abby, Ginger, and Coco.

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And top ten male dog names are:

  • Max (from German, English, and Aboriginal origin, meaning ‘greatest’. Derived from Maximilian)
  • Charlie (from Old German origin, meaning ‘free man’)
  • Cooper (from Old English origin, meaning ‘barrel maker’)
  • Buddy (from American origin, meaning ‘friend’)
  • Milo (from German origin, meaning ‘soldier or merciful’)
  • Bear (from Old French and Old English origin, meaning ‘strong or brave’)
  • Rocky (from Italian origin, meaning ‘rest’)
  • Duke (a surname meaning ‘the leader’ or ‘son of Marmaduke’)
  • Tucker (from Old English origin, meaning ‘to torment’)
  • Jack (from Old English origin, meaning ‘God is Gracious’)

Some other honorable mentions are: Jake, Toby, Buster, Riley, Harley, and Lucky.

In conclusion, Bella and Max are the most popular dog names for the second year in a row. Remember, you can take inspiration for your dog’s name from anywhere! It could be your favorite character from a movie, a book, or a television show. It could even come from a type of food (think Whiskey or Mango) or maybe you had a childhood pet that you would like to commemorate. Another popular choice is looking to various Disney characters like Pascal or Simba.

Above all, whatever name you choose don’t forget that dog is not only tons of joy and happiness but also a big responsibility. Exercise your dog regularly and don’t forget to visit a vet for health checkups and vaccinations or schedule an online consultation with one of Cooper Pet Care’s certified vets. And we also highly recommend you get pet health insurance to protect you and your pup from any unforeseen situations.

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