We love giving our pets treats and snacks and at Cooper Pet Care we are happy to answer any questions when it comes to feeding your dog or cat.

Can Cats Eat Cheese?

Some cats love to try new things, which are known as neophiles. At the same time, other felines prefer to eat their regular diet and never try any new items. Either way, cheese is very popular with particular cats. But can cats eat cheese as part of their normal diet?

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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Do you want your dog to enjoy the mesmerizing flavor of strawberries as you do? But before doing so, you must know if they are safe for their health or not. Otherwise, you might end up making your pup ill. What fruit is healthy or unhealthy for dogs usually depends upon their breed…

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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Were you just thinking of giving your puppy an apple but you are confused? Then, stop worrying and just give it to your pup. Don’t you remember, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Yes! I am right. There is no need to worry as apples are a great source of various vitamins…

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Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Planning a treat for your dogs? Well, bananas are always a good source for it. But where plenty of experts say that giving bananas to your dogs is healthy and beneficial, some suggest not to do so. So, what is the basis of all that, and what should you actually do?

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Top Toxic Foods For Dogs

It’s Christmas time and we’re all super excited and the holidays are on the way. This is the time when we pile our roast dinner plate high with all your favorite festive treats. And naturally, we want to treat our puppies as well as the Christmas spirit is all around.

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